I initially met with Baruch regarding my personal finances. He created a clear road map for me, helping to navigate the complex Israeli banking, insurance and tax system. After seeing great results, I had Baruch start assessing my corporate needs. As a business owner, I was stunned to learn how much more there was to do to streamline my company via his direction. Baruch is EXTREMELY knowledgeable, savvy and assertive and has helped me to grow my business dramatically. He has helped not only save a ton of money but he’s helping me structure my business and grow my business. Since hiring Baruch, our company profits have increased 100%. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

Fran Jakubowicz, CEO, www.ecommerceinnovators.com


I have attended one of Brent’s Seminars and have been amazed at not only his depth of knowledge but also his ability to make a dry subject come to life.

Leah Schwarz, Consultant, Highland Park Insurance Consultants Ltd


Baruch succeeded in growing our investment under restricted liquidity requirements and was effective in advising us when we were ready to conclude our purchase in Givat Zeev Hachadasha. He is the consummate American professional helping to navigate the enigmatic Israeli business environment which is unlike anything we were familiar with.

Avrohom Meir Gluck, President, ERM31000, Training and Consulting


We turned to Baruch to help us analyze our current financial situation and to develop a plan for retirement. It was a pleasure to work with Baruch – he was thorough, thoughtful, patient, and practical. Just as important, we sensed from the start that we were working with a true mensch. After two meetings and some homework in between, we came away with a clear picture of our current finances, a detailed projection of what to expect at retirement, and the tools to make informed decisions as financial questions arise in the future. Moreover, we now have a financial advisor whom we trust and can turn to for expert advice, which we already have done since finalizing our plan a few months ago.

Allen Silver, Jerusalem


Thank goodness for Baruch Labinsky!

I have lived in Israel for 13 years, but there are so many complexities to the Israeli financial system that even a veteran immigrant doesn’t fathom. No matter how much one reads, or listens to lectures. Baruch help me evaluate all my pension funds and Israeli insurance, going over every plan and policy with me in detail, and also teaching me how the system works. He made excellent recommendations for changes. I also consult with him about investing in Israel and the US, the special issues related to dual citizens, and how to plan for retirement.

Baruch is extraordinarily patient, has an excellent mind both for details and for the larger overall picture, is extremely responsible, honest and efficient. I can sense how much he also just enjoys helping people. It’s so important to have an honest, well-trained, objective, reliable, licensed person to help manage one’s financial affairs — who understands both the Israeli and North American systems and knows the struggles of ANGLOS. I’m very grateful to have found him and highly recommend him.

Prof. Susan Handelman, Bar-Ilan University


Just wanted to say an official “thank you” to Baruch for spending so much time with us over the past few weeks. His insight, patience and understanding were invaluable to us. It was especially nice to be able to do it all in English!!!

DZ, Jerusalem


We’re in our mid-40s, and with a paid-off mortgage, we’ve decided to (finally) see what we can do to make our savings and income work for us. 
Baruch was was patient and knowledgeable, and gave us extremely practical and actionable advice. He was full of useful suggestions for how to navigate the combined investment, taxation, and legal landscapes, especially for US-Israeli citizens who own an Israeli corporation. 
We’re grateful for his help, and will likely return in the future when we need additional advice.



Baruch gave me a clear picture of my holdings and was always on the lookout for me when the financial markets were having trouble. Baruch was very unbiased and gave me an objective view of what was going on. He also accommodated my hours and provided good service.

Jay Hershkowitz, Beit Shemesh


I’ve both worked with Baruch on a professional level and referred clients to him. He gives excellent, solid advice and really takes his clients’ needs into consideration when helping to draw out a plan for investments. The best compliment I can give Baruch is that I was so pleased with his work that I give out his name regularly.

Davi Katz


My experience with Mr. Labinsky far exceeded my expectations. His ability to quickly comprehend our current financial situation, future goals and outlook on our income and spending was like a light at the end of a tunnel. Armed with a deep understanding of how people implement real change, he set us on a course that has created order and the promise of a more sound financial future. I highly recommend him.

Leah Kaplan


One of the best decisions we’ve made since moving to Israel is hiring Baruch Labinsky as our financial advisor and investment manager. He really helped us look at the big picture in terms of our financial objectives, long-term and short-term, assessing our desired level of risk, and worked with us to create a detailed plan and portfolio to meet our needs. Baruch has been there for us any time we’ve had a question, and we feel secure with him as much in his integrity and character as in his financial expertise. He has our highest recommendation.

David Bar-Cohn


With over 5 years of working with Baruch on behalf of a mutual client, I have grown to deeply respect and trust Baruch for his integrity, understanding of financial matters, and personal caring for the well-being of his clients. Baruch spends time to understand his clients’ needs and to explore with them possibilities for managing large or small funds so that they may build sustainable futures. For the past couple of years I’ve benefitted directly from Baruch’s understanding of how to maximize my consulting wages, social security/bituach leumi, and IRA/pension investments. I look forward to long-term collaboration with Baruch.

Andrew Tertes


I have worked with Baruch Labinsky since mid-2007, just before I made aliyah with my wife and four kids. During that time, it is fair to say that Baruch has revolutionized our personal financial outlook and situation, whether related to the U.S. pension investments we left behind or the “managers insurance” and savings policies we began upon arrival in Israel. In addition, he has provided assistance on innumerable insurance, tax, and mortgage financing questions along the way. Baruch is responsive and competent, and can handle almost any financial-world question you put to him (or know who to refer you to in order to receive an answer). As important, Baruch is extremely careful to avoid conflicts of interest, which we have found to be extremely important (and, unfortunately, rare) in our new Israeli setting.

Yehoshua Ravitz, Yad Binyamin


I’m lost when I try to read those printed statements from the insurance companies, mortgage banks and pensions funds. With patience and professionalism, Baruch carefully explains to me what is at stake for me and my family, and how I can easily make cost-saving changes. Every time I sit with Baruch Labinsky for a financial check-up I come out saving literally tens of thousands of shekels.

Joshua Berman, Bet Shemesh


Baruch is extremely knowledgeable about finance and especially about cross border issues where the structures you set up can make a huge difference to your net income. From the first moment I met him at a NBN conference in Montreal, I knew he would be an invaluable resource in planning my Aliyah from a financial perspective. “Invest” the time to read his latest book and you will tap into a “wealth” of information.

Zev Lanton


Thank you, Baruch, for the advice you gave me and my wife, both in the course and in our private session. It’s helped us tremendously and we are already starting to see positive changes in our home finances.

RS, Matityahu


Thank you very much! It was a wonderful, excellent, informative series … and I really enjoyed it … אי”ה I look forward to putting what I learnt into practice. Thanks again!

SZ, Matityahu


Dear Baruch,

I thought that your course was GREAT! … I feel that I have learned a lot. Not just on how to manage my money, but also on what I want and need. As well as who I really am and want to be. I never thought I would learn that in a financial course. Thank you!

HS, Jerusalem


“When we met with you a little over a year ago with all that debt, you said you have clients who turn it around and begin saving – I did not believe we ever could! Thank you so much.”