Financial Crossroads

It can happen that we are faced with the task of managing our own finances for the first time later in life.

Unfortunately, it is often a bereavement or a divorce that is the catalyst, frequently forcing someone who had been financially uninvolved to suddenly take control even while dealing with the trauma of loss and change in their personal situation.

Similarly, the responsibility that comes with a significant inheritance can thrust a person into the world of savings and investments for the first time, especially if they wish to preserve or grow that new found wealth for future use. At times like these a trusted financial advisor can provide the guidance that you need.

At Labinsky Financial we understand
the financial and emotional complexity
of life changing events,
and are here to support and guide you.

Proper money management and investment skills are essential since the options can be confusing and overwhelming. It is therefore crucial to work with a professional who takes the time to understand your financial objectives, and can explain the different elements.

Our experience, professionalism and sensitivity enables us to guide our clients gently to an understanding of their financial situation while giving them confidence to go forward and take control.



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Most definitely yes. Many people come to us because they are suddenly faced with taking control of their finances for the very first time. If you are recently widowed or divorced, we’ll tell you which documents you need to gain access to. We’ll assess exactly where you are financially, explain all the details, and then formulate an optimal strategy to maintain or improve your financial security. We are here to listen and advise as you adjust to your new situation.

Since 1981, there has been no estate tax or inheritance tax in Israel. However, there are actions of the heirs in the assets of the estate that can be taxed. For example, the sale of an apartment inherited by an heir can be subject to appreciation tax. Planning in advance can often reduce or even eliminate these tax liabilities.

If you were married for less than 3 years, you are entitled to a one-time grant in the amount of 7.2 monthly allowances that your spouse received before they passed away. If you were married for at least 3 years and are at least 45 years of age, you will be entitled to a monthly allowance. If you don’t meet those criteria, benefits may still apply if, for example, you are pregnant or share a child in common, so it is best to check with a qualified pension advisor.

If the deceased did not specify otherwise in a will, the general position of the State is to award half the estate to the children and half to the surviving spouse.

The short answer is no. A prenuptial agreement applies in life. A will applies in death. If the deceased did not specify the allocation of his estate in a will, the general position of the State is to award half to the surviving spouse and half to the children – regardless of terms set forth in a prenuptial agreement. Therefore, if one is considering a prenuptial agreement, they should also consider a will that reflects the same intent for the division of the estate. It is always best to consult a lawyer on these matters.