Insurance is an important part of the financial planning process. It ensures that we and our families are provided for in times of adversity. The types and amounts of insurance are specific to an individual’s situation and stage of life. And given that these parameters change, insurance should be periodically reassessed.

For example, the requirements of a young couple with children to support are very different from those of an older couple who wish to maintain a certain lifestyle in retirement.

At Labinsky Financial we evaluate the appropriate insurance and coverage for your needs, and you can rest assured knowing that you are properly covered and not overpaying for duplicate benefits.


I’m lost when I try to read those printed statements from the insurance companies, mortgage banks and pensions funds. With patience and professionalism, Baruch Labinsky carefully explains to me what is at stake for me and my family, and how I can easily make cost-saving changes. Every time I sit with Baruch for a financial check-up I come out saving literally tens of thousands of shekels.

Joshua Berman
Bet Shemesh

I attended one of Baruch Labinsky’s seminars and was amazed at not only his depth of knowledge but also his ability to make a dry subject come to life.

Leah Schwarz
Highland Park Insurance Consultants Ltd.


This is an important question that you must clarify with your insurance provider. If your coverage still applies in Israel, we strongly suggest that you receive this confirmation in writing and safeguard it. If not, be sure to make up the difference with an Israeli insurance policy.

Like most purchases, it is important to shop around, compare prices, and speak to friends. Sometimes, insurance can be purchased through your pension fund at a favorable rate, or with tax sheltered funds (which constitutes a saving).

In Israel, both life insurance and property insurance are mandatory when obtaining a mortgage. People often forget to include these expenses when calculating mortgage payments. Naturally, life insurance increases with age, making mortgages very expensive for older people. Banks will often sell insurance when you sign for your mortgage. Although this is very convenient, it is often very expensive. It pays to shop around for an insurance provider and play one offer against another.