A Financial Guide To Aliyah and Life in Israel This critically acclaimed book is a must-have for potential new and veteran olim. The financial aspect of life in Israel are explained in layman’s language, and can ease the transition of all olim towards a financially successful life in Israel. Read the reviews for yourself>> Choose the appropriate button below to pay for your purchase with PayPal or credit card. SHIPPING ADDRESS: If you are unable to enter the desired shipping address in PayPal, click the link on the Paypal payment page that says "Special Instructions to the Seller" and enter the shipping address there.


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PDF update to book

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Just a few comments about this crucial new book ...

“Making Aliyah is a wonderful and challenging experience. “A Financial Guide to Aliyah and Life in Israel” with its breadth of useful information, critical tools and thoughtful advice will help make your aliyah a success.” –Natan Sharansky, Chairman of the Jewish Agency for Israel, former Minister and Deputy Prime Minister of the State of Israel

"Baruch Labinsky's concise handbook is to be recommended for all English-speaking olim … as well as for veterans seeking to get a better handle on their finances. It is very persuasive on the need to set financial goals … while at the same time it demystifies Israeli institutions and explains Israeli attitudes, to calm the financially anxious.… Don't leave home without it." –Review in Globes, Israel's leading business newspaper, December 2012

"… the book’s chapters (are structured) as self-contained units so that readers can concentrate on the particular issues relevant to them at any given time. Each chapter ends with a “to do” list and many of them includesample forms to help readers organize themselves. In addition to explaining the many aspects of the Israeli financial system, he also dispenses lots of practical advice." –Review in The Jerusalem Post, September 2012

“I believe that this book is surely a must-have for all olim. An additional benefit is that most of the material contained, is important, universal and equally relevant prior to aliyah and at every stage in life.” –Marc Reiss, Head of International and Private Banking, Mizrahi Tefahot Bank

“… a crucial tool which will drastically increase the chances of a financially stable – and even profitable – Aliyah and life in Israel.” –Don Shrensky, Don Shrensky and Co. CPAs, Jerusalem

"Baruch revolutionized our approach to personal finance in preparation for Aliyah and afterward … a must read book for financial success in Israel." –Joshua Ravitz, US Securities Attorney, GKH Law Offices, Tel Aviv

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The #1 concern about living in Israel... “Will I make it financially?”

Baruch Labinsky has helped hundreds to navigate Israel’s complex financial system. His time-tested and proven approach has empowered his clients with the knowledge and skills they need for financial success.

A Financial Guide to Aliyah and Life in Israel, with its clear, explanatory style, is written for both the layperson and professional. It spans a range of financial issues, from pre-Aliyah (creating a financial plan, real estate decisions, asset management, etc.) to post-Aliyah (employment benefits, banking, living on a budget, tax planning and more).

With Baruch Labinsky’s sage advice you can…

  • Understand the financial aspects of a successful Aliyah
  • Learn the ins and outs of the Israeli financial system
  • Plan for retirement in Israel
  • Make wise real estate decisions
  • Save tremendous amounts of time and money
  • Have the Israeli banks work for you
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