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  • FAQ

    Why should I work with Labinsky Financial?

    At Labinsky Financial we offer you our experience, integrity, honesty and professionalism.  We work hard to identify the critical factors for success in our client’s financial lives and help them to organize their finances and optimize their investments while protecting their wealth and long term earning power. Labinsky Financial has been helping its clients manage their finances for over 20 years.

    Who are our clientele?

    Our clients range from young couples pre- and post-aliyah who want to organize their finances, to retirees seeking to maximize their savings.  Inheritances are also often a catalyst that encourages people to start working with us.

    Some of our clients have unfortunately undergone life-changing circumstances such as divorce or bereavement, and turn to us to help guide them through an unfamiliar financial quagmire.

    We pride ourselves on taking the time to understand our clients’ unique situation and ensure that they are fully apprised of their financial situation and direction.

    I understand the financial markets, why do I need to pay professionals?

    If you understand the financial markets and have the time to consistently monitor your finances then you don’t need to pay a professional to provide the service.  The problems tend to begin when people don’t consistently track their finances – they may have the knowledge but they don’t have the time – and then they can end up losing more money than they would have paid the professional.

    I don’t understand finances at all – how can I decide if you are the best professionals for me to work with?

    Managing your finances properly is crucial to your continued wellbeing, and you need an experienced and honest professional to help you.  But because you are financially unaware, it is vital that your financial professional is someone who always takes the time to ensure that you understand how he is directing your finances.  Meet with different professionals until you find the one who ‘talks your language’, and answers your questions patiently even if you ask them repeatedly until you are sure you understand.