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After trying to save money by going to a cheaper financial planner, we made the correct decision of turning to Labinsky Financial.

In an increasingly complicated financial world, they patiently provided clarity and expert guidance. They gave us advice on a wide range of financial topics and also set us up on a path to navigating financial markets on our own. They did this all with a smile, and extraordinary sensitivity. They listened and understood our unique needs and circumstances and were able to advise accordingly. We highly recommend their services.

SB, Bet Shemesh

My husband and I were greatly impressed by our recent consultation with Labinsky Financial. They were completely thorough in gathering all our pertinent information, and showed how well they understood that in making big financial decisions we need to consider not only the dollars or shekalim in question, but the entire picture of our needs and aims, as a family with a USA connection building our future as Israelis. They patiently listened to all our questions, and provided insightful and knowledgeable advice and information. They even took the time to reach out to another professional who could contribute to our decision-making.

We are very glad to have invested in this invaluable consultation; it will make a tremendous difference.
Thank you to Labinsky Financial!

DD, Ramat Bet Shemesh

Thank goodness for Baruch Labinsky! I have lived in Israel for 13 years but there are so many complexities to the financial system that even a veteran immigrant can’t fathom them all. Baruch helped me evaluate all my pension funds and Israeli insurance, going over every plan and policy with me in detail. He made excellent recommendations for changes. I also consulted with him about investing in Israel and the US (in particular the issues affecting dual citizens), and retirement planning. Baruch is extraordinarily patient. He has an excellent mind both for details and the larger picture. He is extremely responsible, honest, and efficient, and genuinely enjoys helping people. I’m very grateful to have found him and highly recommend him.

Prof. Susan Handelman, Bar-Ilan University

Over the years we have consulted with Baruch Labinsky regularly on a variety of subjects, always with successful results. The issues ranged from him mediating in the purchase of our apartment, which became over-complicated due to currency instability, to being educated about reverse mortgages. Baruch and his staff are wonderful people to work with. They are calm, caring, respectful, extremely knowledgeable and really want to help. And they are professionals who all go above what is expected. We highly recommend Baruch Labinsky and Labinsky Financial.

Nachman & Avigayil Elsner

Thanks Labinsky Financial for making an experience we were dreading into a very manageable, understandable and even enjoyable process!

Chana and Jeremy Staiman

After numerous recommendations I took the opportunity to set up an appointment with Baruch Labinsky to review my personal financial situation. He offered suggestions that I had not thought about. It was a real wake up call to what I should have been doing. Now, I have clarity and several goals. The only regret I have is that I did not contact him sooner.

Joyce Kuras

Meeting with Labinsky Financial gave us a lot of clarity and concrete new horizons to consider. It removed conflict we’d had over what course would be best for us and laid to rest concerns brought on by non-professionals’ opinions that we were not being financially wise. Labinsky Financial gave us confidence in ourselves as a responsible couple and at the same time pointed out information we’d missed that could really help us.

Yehoshua Glanz

Labinsky Financial have been extremely kind, clear-headed, and patient in helping me navigate through the balagan of our lives’ finances at this late stage.

Steve Kaplan

Labinsky Financial were so helpful and knowledgeable. We got exactly what we were looking for which was clarity on our current situation as well as concrete, actionable steps moving forward towards our financial goals. We are definitely looking forward to doing this again!

Chaya Sara Levin

Our consultation with Labinsky Financial was informative and thorough. They addressed our needs and concerns professionally, and provided really good financial advice in helping us plan for aliyah.

Yitzchak and Charlotte Friedland

At every stage of our family’s development, Baruch Labinsky has given us insights on how to save all sorts of hidden costs without giving up anything tangible. Every session that we have ever had with Baruch quickly paid for itself in the savings generated from his advice. To meet with him is to emerge with the deepest sense of reassurance that stems from his modesty, patience, caring, and decades of experience.

Josh Berman, Bet Shemesh

Baruch Labinsky succeeded in growing our investments under restricted liquidity requirements and was effective in advising us when we were ready to conclude our purchase in Givat Zeev Hachadasha. He is the consummate Anglo professional helping to navigate the enigmatic Israeli business environment which is unlike anything we were familiar with.

Avrohom Meir Gluck, President, ERM31000, Training and Consulting

We were very satisfied with, and grateful for, the excellent discussion which we had with Baruch Labinsky. Our questions were answered comprehensively, he provided sound guidance and he impressed us with the depth of his experience and knowledge. We were fortunate enough to receive advice that saved us time, money and hassle that very day. We highly recommend Baruch and Labinsky Financial.

Ariel & Sara Meisel

Labinsky Financial are very knowledgeable and organized. We left with a tremendous amount of clarity about our financial goals and steps towards achieving them. They listened intently and were understanding, practical, encouraging and non judgmental throughout the process. Thanks!

David Glassberg

I received professional responsive service that was tailored to my needs.

Mary Mizra

Labinsky Financial helped clarify some financial decisions for us and gave good advice.

Allison Zaromb

I’ve just finished a Zoom meeting with Baruch Labinsky and I feel SOOOOO relieved! Right away, I saw and felt he was “the one” I needed to sort out my financial issues and manage my portfolio. He put me at ease immediately, with his calm demeanor and warm smile. Even though I have never been in debt, work hard and have managed to save as well, I am, to be honest, illiterate about stocks, bonds, and savings and don’t see that changing any time soon! I am looking forward to our face to face meeting so we can start the ball rolling.

Linda Kuras Mizrahi, Petach Tikva

My husband and I had a recent Zoom meeting with Baruch Labinsky. We are about two years from retirement and are planning to make aliyah. We first learned of Baruch through Nefesh b’Nefesh and then ordered his book on line. We are working through it page by page and are finding it very informative. When we learned that we could meet him by Zoom we jumped at the opportunity! We found him warm and engaging, knowledgeable, and understanding of our needs. We hope to spend more time with him when we arrive in Israel!

Sherrie Banks and Robert Wood, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Labinsky Financial were great. I’m looking forward to working with them to take the sheet they reviewed and making it into a template. They were efficient, completed the project within the time frame they projected and to which I agreed, did everything I asked, and was insightful – pointing out quite a few things I hadn’t thought of that were relevant to my goals. They also found a few mistakes I had made that would have been disastrous. This alone made it money well spent!

Aryeh Kaplan, Israelfirsthand.com

We have only just started to plan for our financial future. Labinsky Financial took us through the various options available to us and broke down how different routes could work within the Israeli system to help us achieve our goals. They also provided us with additional tools and advice to use in order to continue planning on our own. They were a pleasure to work with and we would highly recommend them.

Talya Adler

I have worked with Baruch Labinsky since mid-2007, just before I made aliyah with my wife and four kids. During that time, it is fair to say that Baruch has revolutionized our personal financial outlook and situation, whether related to the U.S. pension investments we left behind or the “managers insurance” and savings policies we began upon arrival in Israel. In addition, he has provided assistance on innumerable insurance, tax, and mortgage financing questions along the way. Baruch is responsive and competent, and can handle almost any financial-world question you put to him (or know who to refer you to in order to receive an answer). As important, Baruch is extremely careful to avoid conflicts of interest, which we have found to be rare since making aliyah.

Yehoshua Ravitz, Yad Binyamin

I initially met with Baruch Labinsky regarding my personal finances. He created a clear road map for me, helping to navigate the complex Israeli banking, insurance and tax system. After seeing great results, I had Baruch start assessing my corporate needs.

As a business owner, I was stunned to learn how much more there was to do to streamline my company via his direction. Baruch is EXTREMELY knowledgeable, savvy and assertive and has helped me to grow my business dramatically. He has helped me not only save a ton of money but also to structure and grow my business. Since hiring Baruch, our company profits have increased 100%. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

Fran Jakubowicz, CEO, www.ecommerceinnovators.com

I attended one of Baruch Labinsky’s seminars and was amazed at not only his depth of knowledge but also his ability to make a dry subject come to life.

Leah Schwarz, Consultant, Highland Park Insurance Consultants Ltd

Labinsky Financial were extremely clear, summarized everything, and gave custom, pointed, tailored advice that was all helpful. Now I have my homework to do!

Rafi A

We turned to Baruch Labinsky to help us analyze our current financial situation and to develop a plan for retirement. It was a pleasure to work with Baruch – he was thorough, thoughtful, patient, and practical. Just as important, we sensed from the start that we were working with a true mensch. After two meetings and some homework in between, we came away with a clear picture of our current finances, a detailed projection of what to expect at retirement, and the tools to make informed decisions as financial questions arise in the future. Moreover, we now have a financial advisor whom we trust and can turn to for expert advice, which we already have done since finalizing our plan a few months ago.

Allen Silver, Jerusalem

Ariel Gold gave a fantastic presentation. It was extremely informative, organized and succinct. Most of our staff feel that the information has already helped to increase their net income and/or pensions, and led to savings on some taxes.

M Cooper

Just wanted to say an official “thank you” to Baruch Labinsky for spending so much time with us over the past few weeks. His insight, patience and understanding were invaluable to us. It was especially nice to be able to do it all in English!!!

DZ, Jerusalem

Thank you so much. The meeting was really exactly what me and my family needed right now. Please relay our gratitude to Baruch Labinsky.

Yakir Hyman

Baruch Labinsky gave me a clear picture of my holdings and was always on the lookout for me when the financial markets were having trouble. Baruch was very unbiased and gave me an objective view of what was going on. He also accommodated my hours and provided good service.

Jay Hershkowitz, Bet Shemesh

I’ve both worked with Baruch Labinsky on a professional level and referred clients to him. He gives excellent, solid advice and really takes his clients’ needs into consideration when helping to draw out a plan for investments. The best compliment I can give Baruch is that I was so pleased with his work that I give out his name regularly.

Davi Katz

One of the best decisions we’ve made since moving to Israel is hiring Baruch Labinsky as our financial advisor and investment manager. He really helped us look at the big picture in terms of our financial objectives, long-term and short-term, assessing our desired level of risk, and worked with us to create a detailed plan and portfolio to meet our needs. Baruch has been there for us any time we’ve had a question, and we feel secure with him as much in his integrity and character as in his financial expertise. He has our highest recommendation.

David Bar-Cohn

Baruch Labinsky is extremely knowledgeable about finance and especially about cross border issues where the structures you set up can make a huge difference to your net income. From the first moment I met him at an NBN conference in Montreal, I knew he would be an invaluable resource in planning my aliyah from a financial perspective. “Invest” the time to read his latest book and you will tap into a “wealth” of information.

Zev Lanton

With over 5 years of working with Baruch Labinsky on behalf of a mutual client, I have grown to deeply respect and trust him for his integrity, understanding of financial matters, and personal caring for the well-being of his clients. Baruch spends time to understand his clients’ needs and to explore with them possibilities for managing large or small funds so that they may build sustainable futures. For the past couple of years I’ve benefited directly from Baruch’s understanding of how to maximize my consulting wages, social security/bituach leumi, and IRA/pension investments. I look forward to long-term collaboration with Baruch.

Andrew Tertes

We’re in our mid-40s, and with a paid-off mortgage, we’ve decided to (finally) see what we can do to make our savings and income work for us. Baruch Labinsky was patient and knowledgeable, and gave us extremely practical and actionable advice. He was full of useful suggestions for how to navigate the combined investment, taxation, and legal landscapes, especially for US-Israeli citizens who own an Israeli corporation. We’re grateful for his help, and will likely return in the future when we need additional advice.


Thank you Baruch Labinsky for the advice you gave me and my wife, both in the course and in our private session. It’s helped us tremendously and we are already starting to see positive changes in our home finances.

RS, Matityahu

Thank you very much! It was a wonderful, excellent, informative series … and I really enjoyed it … אי”ה I look forward to putting what I learnt into practice. Thanks again!

SZ, Matityahu

Dear Baruch, I thought that your course was GREAT! … I feel that I have learned a lot. Not just on how to manage my money, but also on what I want and need as well as who I really am and want to be. I never thought I would learn that in a financial course. Thank you!

HS, Jerusalem

When we met with you a little over a year ago with all that debt, you said you have clients who turn it around and begin saving – I did not believe we ever could! Thank you so much.

RF, Jerusalem