Podcasts / Seminars

Labinsky Financial together with Efrat’s Olim Division
invites you to
3 Financial Planning Seminars
to help you achieve
a financially stable life in Israel

The seminars will take place on Sunday 1/12, Sunday 8/12 and Monday 16/12
from 20:00-21:30 at the Mateh Tzeirim Caravan on PHK, Zayit, Efrat

1st session – Your personal budget: understanding and optimizing your income and expenses
2nd session – Taking control of your assets and liabilities
3rd session – Tying it all together: seeing your total financial picture and planning for success

Topics to be discussed include:

 Israeli payslips and employment benefits
 Buying vs renting your home
 Effective planning for your comfortable retirement

Presented by Yaakov Ehrenkranz, Financial Advisor at Labinsky Financial
50 NIS for the entire series
Pre-paid registration is required
For questions and/or registration e-mail olimts@efrat.muni.il

Baruch in the media

Listen to Baruch’s podcast series “Finessing your Finances” in which he discusses different financial issues with Scott Kahn on jewishcoffeehouse.com


Making aliyah brings with it many decisions regarding foreign currency, including when to transfer and when and how much to convert to shekels. Given the shekel’s continued strength, what do you need to think about before converting money? Should you follow the rates before converting money, or is that a fool’s game? What’s the best way to convert foreign currencies into shekels, and what are the various risks and rewards? Join Baruch Labinsky and Scott Kahn for a discussion that all olim and prospective olim need to consider when planning their financial present and future.


Everyone is talking about bitcoins. But what are they, what other cryptocurrencies are out there, and should you invest in them and make a fortune? Listen to Baruch Labinsky explain the pros and cons to Scott Kahn.


Along with the excitement of marriage come tremendous responsibilities, particularly in the areas of financial planning. How do you prepare your children to be financially independent when they get married? What can a young couple do to remain financially solvent when both husband and wife are still in school? Is there a “right” age to get married, from an economic perspective? Should a young couple concentrate only on their major financial decisions, or are the micro-decisions equally important? Join Baruch Labinsky and Scott Kahn as they navigate this important topic on the latest episode of Finessing Your Finances.

People today generally live longer than they did in the past, but not always with the capability to manage their finances as they did when they were younger. This places a heavy responsibility upon their children, who must be ready to look after their elderly parents’ financial health. What does this entail? What are some of the financial dangers that can affect the elderly, and how can their children protect them? How do you know that it’s time to step in and help? Listen to Baruch Labinsky and Scott Kahn’s discussion.


In our previous episode, Baruch Labinsky and Scott Kahn outlined the necessary steps in order to prepare for a successful move to Israel. In this podcast, they discuss the steps you should take once you have landed in Israel. Join them as they offer crucial advice for making your aliya dream a successful and lucrative reality.


There’s an old joke that the way to make a small fortune in Israel is to bring a large one with you; but nowadays, given Israel’s powerful economy, moving to the “Start Up Nation” can be lucrative indeed. Nevertheless, many challenges remain, and there are numerous factors to consider in order to maximize your chances of financial success in Israel. Join Baruch Labinsky and Scott Kahn for a discussion of how to best plan your move to Israel, while ensuring that you survive and thrive on a financial level.



The Israeli housing market seems to be on fire, but will that continue indefinitely? If you want to purchase a house, is now the right time? How is this all related to the sinking dollar and the rising shekel? What is the Israeli government doing in order to lower housing prices – and will these measures hurt you if you already own a house? Join Baruch Labinsky and Scott Kahn to get the lowdown on buying your dream house in Israel.


Parents often have a difficult time balancing the twin ideals of giving their kids money with which to enjoy the summer, and teaching them to be financially self-sufficient. Join Baruch Labinsky and Scott Kahn as they discuss how to help your teenagers become financially responsible without sacrificing their opportunity to enjoy summer vacation.

Print Media

Baruch Labinsky was recently interviewed and asked for his opinion and advice re crowdfunding as an investment vehicle.

Read the full article here, with Baruch’s comments contained within the panel.  Shared with permission from Mishpacha magazine.



Listen to the audio, see the powerpoint presentations, and view the main points of some of Baruch’s seminars:

The secrets to successfully surviving your first years in Israel

  • Common mistakes that olim and expatriates make in Israel and how to avoid them
  • Your initial 5 year plan towards a successful integration
  • Understanding the tax and financial system of your new country

Retirement Planning in Israel

  • Planning for peace of mind – complete a self-diagnostic exercise to evaluate your current financial situation.
  • What you can expect from Bituach Leumi.
  • Israeli pension savings products.
  • Evaluating your insurance needs and their impact on your pension savings.
  • What role should the Israel financial markets play in your retirement investment decisions?
  • When to start bringing money over from your retirement savings abroad.
  • How to make your retirement years meaningful.
  • How to increase retirement income.
  • Should you consider an “encore career”?
  • How about a small home-based business?





Preparing for tomorrow – how to avoid 10 major financial planning mistakes

  • Three common mistakes that olim and expatriates make in Israel
  • Three key elements that will reduce your portfolio’s vulnerability
  • Four essential, yet overlooked, financial planning strategies





Balancing your family’s lifestyle on an Israeli budget

The following are the main points from some of Baruch’s popular seminars.  If you would like to coordinate a group for Baruch to present a seminar of your choosing, please email baruch@labinsky.com.

Understanding the Israeli employment market and its benefits (first half of evening)

  • Salary ranges and standard employment benefits.
  • Long term retirement savings plans – Keren Pensia and Bituach Menahalim.
  • Evaluating your insurance needs and their impact on your pension savings.

Retirement planning in Israel (second half)

  • Complete a self-diagnostic exercise to evaluate your current situation.
  • Planning for peace of mind.
  • What to expect from Bituach Leumi.
  • Living wills and durable powers of attorney – arranging for others to speak on your behalf should you become incapacitated or terminally ill.

Reasons why most of your money needs to be in Israel, and how to invest it wisely

  • Why most olim need to invest a large part of their portfolio in Israel.
  • Why Israel is one of the best places in the world for holding savings, without using the banks!
  • How to take advantage of the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, one of the world’s most successful investment markets.
  • How to create an internationally diversified portfolio that is held completely in Israel.
  • Israeli Pension Plans, Betterment Funds, and other tax advantaged investments.
  • Health and long-term nursing care insurance – supplementing missing coverage.

The secret to running a financially successful caring business

  • Conflicted by the desire to give unstintingly to your clients and meet your financial constraints?
  • How do you evaluate your financial worth to make your business profitable and competitive?
  • Do you find it hard to separate your professional self from your personal self?
  • How do you establish healthy boundaries so you don’t experience care-taker’s burn-out?
  • How do you overcome the general distaste for self-promotion felt by many caring professionals?

    Avoiding Investor Fraud

    •  Learn how to spot the top warning signs of investment fraud.
    • Discover how to prepare your own due diligence checklist prior to investing.
    • Create a summary of easy-to-remember principles to guide your investment choices.
    • Four questions that you must ask prior to making any investment.
    • Understand how to start a personalized investment plan for your long-term needs.

    Investing in Challenging Times

    • Are you making any of the six deadly investment mistakes?
    • Four reasons why you must invest in financial education.
    • Learn how to spot and overcome conflicts of interest in investment advice.
    • Ensure that you’re not being robbed when investing in Israeli retirement savings plans, Keren Hishtalmuyot and other long-term investment plans.
    • What to do with assets kept abroad.

    The New American Tax Legislation – Will it Impact Investments and Assets in Israel?

    • Making sense of the taxation alphabet soup – Fatca, Fbar, OVDI and the new IRS tax forms
    • Understand where you fit into the new taxation issues
    • You’re an Israeli resident – but is your money?
    • Israel – the Promised Land for investments?
    • Is it financially wise to make the break from US investments?
    • Discover how to maximize the effectiveness of your funds

    Why most of your money needs to be in Israel, and three superior ways to manage money left abroad.

    • How the Israeli Banks work – their strengths and weaknesses, and how to reduce costs and frustration.
    • An overview of the Israeli investment universe – savings, funds, shares, venture capital and the tycoons.
    • The best form of savings may be right here in Israel – how to utilize them easily.
    • How the local Stock Market compares to those in the Western World – and successful strategies for using it.
    • Three ways to easily manage money left abroad and not worry about the markets’ movements.

    Israeli real estate ownership/investing and an overview of key investment areas in Israel and abroad

    • Dealing with the significant legal and technical issues related to purchases and sales.
    • Mortgages and financing issues.
    • Fundamentals about how to invest in Israel and abroad.

    Housing and investments

    Buying a home: Where do I begin? When does it end? (first half of evening)

    • To rent or buy?  How does your home fit into your financial plan?
    • Determine how large a home you can afford.
    • Hear the inside scoop on the Israeli mortgage market, and how the recent changes can affect you. Is non-bank financing a viable option for you?

    What every Oleh needs to know about investing in Israel (second half)

    • Learn about the thriving investment market in Israel, one of the world’s most successful economies.
    • Discover how to effectively manage your international investments in Israel.