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  • Investment Management

    Have you been slightly too passive about your finances for too long? Or possibly you recently received a lump sum of money and aren’t sure how to maximize the benefit?

    Or maybe you have been through a lifestyle change and are now suddenly responsible for your finances? Congratulations on taking this step and researching our services to see how we can help you.

    Labinsky Financial offers an unbiased investment service in Israel that manages funds for individuals and companies. Although everyone’s financial situation is unique, the common denominator among all our clients is that they choose us because they are searching for an effective investment management service that is totally trustworthy, reliable, honest and experienced. We take the time to listen to you, and together we develop your personalized investment plan. Labinsky Financial only works with investment companies with a proven track record.

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    Slightly too passive about your finances for too long?

    People from many walks and stages in life need the services of an investment manager to ensure their long term financial security. Your finances are crucial, and it takes time and energy to ensure that they are constantly working for you. And most people don’t have the time, headspace or ability and thus delegate the task. At Labinsky Financial we pride ourselves on listening to you, understanding your needs, and working with you constantly to help ensure that your short term and long term financial requirements are met. Regularly scheduled meetings, and our constant availability, means that your financial plan is regularly scrutinized and updated as and when necessary for your benefit. If financial and investment planning aren’t your areas of expertise then come for some expert advice.

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    You recently received a lump sum of money?

    No one will ever deny that money is incredibly helpful – and so by definition, more money is then even more helpful. However, receiving a substantial sum of money in one go brings with it issues, questions and situations that you may not have faced before. Unexpected possibilities open up and you must make sure that you maximize the benefit of that sum of money as it is unlikely that it is something you will receive repeatedly. You need expert advice to ensure that the money serves you best in both the short and long term.

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    Suddenly responsible for your finances?

    Sometimes planned and unplanned lifestyle changes mean that people who have never really dealt with their long term finances are faced with this new responsibility. If this has happened, or is happening to you, you need to seek advice to ensure your long term financial stability. It is crucial that you find an investment manager/financial planner with whom you feel comfortable. Someone who will take the time to listen to your questions and fears. Someone who will patiently explain financial terms and issues, as repeatedly as necessary, so that you are informed and empowered to make your financial decisions. At Labinsky Financial we pride ourselves on our professionalism, integrity and patience, so that we are there to answer your questions as frequently as you need in order to feel comfortable. But you don’t have to take our word for it, read our testimonials, and book an appointment now.

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    Unbiased investment service

    There are a multitude of professionals out there all looking to help you invest your money. So how do you decide where to start and where to go?

    Is your bank the best place, seeing as they are already dealing with some of your money? How do you compare what one bank is offering with another? There are so many options!

    At Labinsky Financial, we work exclusively for the client as independent financial planners. As unbiased financial experts we can explain the various options available to you, and offer you our advice. We detail the differences, potential advantages and disadvantages of the various offerings, and you make the decision yourself. Since we have no vested interest in one scheme over another, we can tell it as it is, in terms you understand.

    Labinsky Financial's expert staff in Israel offers you honesty, integrity and sound advice. All in your best interest.

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    Investment companies with a proven track record

    Labinsky Financial only recommends options that are managed by companies with a proven track record. Companies must meet our high standards before being assessed for your potential benefit.

    In conjunction with local and international investment companies, we provide you with investment options that suit your needs.

    Israeli assets are managed by established investment management companies.

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    Your personalized investment plan

    Your comprehensive and effective investment plan is only a few steps away. Labinsky Financial will take you through each stage, simplify a highly complex situation, and ensure that you are headed towards a financially secure future.

    Stage 1: During our initial meeting we listen to you and discover your most pressing issues and needs.

    Stage 2: We analyze your current net worth, which will provide a basis for future planning.

    Stage 3: We assess ways to ensure that your current investment funds are organized in the most efficient way. Savings plans, retirement programs and insurance plans will be examined, and if necessary, re-planned.

    Stage 4: We help you to examine your financial goals and help you structure a portfolio that reflects the risk and liquidity that you desire. We will continually monitor your portfolio to ensure that it maintains the balance you require.

    Concurrent to stages 1 - 4

    At Labinsky Financial we understand your need to be able to ask questions and clarify as necessary. Therefore we make ourselves constantly available to you – to reassure or re-advise, depending on your specific situation.

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