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Click below to hear Baruch Labinsky explain the financial services he offers, and how everyone can improve their financial management skills.

The #1 concern about living in Israel… “Will I make it financially?”

Baruch Labinsky has helped hundreds to navigate Israel’s complex financial system. His time-tested and proven approach has empowered his clients with the knowledge and skills they need for financial success.


A Financial Guide to Aliyah and Life in Israel, with its clear, explanatory style, is written for both the layperson and professional. It spans a range of financial issues, from pre-Aliyah (creating a financial plan, real estate decisions, asset management, etc.) to post-Aliyah (employment benefits, banking, living on a budget, tax planning and more).

With Baruch Labinsky’s sage advice you can…

  • Understand the financial aspects of a successful Aliyah
  • Learn the ins and outs of the Israeli financial system
  • Plan for retirement in Israel
  • Make wise real estate decisions
  • Save tremendous amounts of time and money
  • Have the Israeli banks work for you


“Making Aliyah is a wonderful and challenging experience. “A Financial Guide to Aliyah and Life in Israel” with its breadth of useful information, critical tools and thoughtful advice will help make your aliyah a success.”

Natan Sharansky, Chairman of the Jewish Agency for Israel, former Minister and Deputy Prime Minister of the State of Israel


"I believe that this book is a must-have for all new olim. An additional benefit is that most of the material contained, is important, universal and equally relevant prior to aliyah and at every stage in life."

Marc Reiss, Head of International and Private Banking, Mizrahi Tefahot Bank


“… a crucial tool which will drastically increase the chances of a financially stable – and even profitable – Aliyah and life in Israel.”


Don Shrensky, Don Shrensky and Co. CPAs, Jerusalem



“Baruch revolutionized our approach to personal finance in preparation for Aliyah and afterward … a must read book for financial success in Israel.“


Joshua Ravitz, US Securities Attorney, GKH Law Offices, Tel Aviv



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Unique financial planning and investment service

Labinsky Financial offers a unique financial planning and investment service for the multi-national citizen living and working in Israel. Our financial service professionals successfully help our clients achieve their goals using a comprehensive, independent approach to financial management. We understand that everyone has unique needs and goals. We work hard to identify the critical factors for success in our client’s financial lives and help them to organize their finances, optimize their investments while protecting their wealth and long term earning power. Through our office in Beit Shemesh and affiliated offices in Jerusalem, our advisors have been working with individuals, families and small businesses for over 15 years.

A holistic financial planning approach

Labinsky Financial uses a holistic financial planning approach to address our clients' varied financial needs. We address all life changes and projected events that impact on our clients’ finances. Our services are uniquely tailored to the different stages in each individual's life as well as to the multiple countries in which our clients have a financial presence.

Independent financial planners

As a completely independent financial planner, we work exclusively for the benefit of our clients. Clients choose how to structure their relationship with us through either fee-based financial planning services or through more comprehensive management service agreements. Since we are not restricted to any investment product or service, all of our recommendations are exclusively in our clients' interest. We pride ourselves on knowing that in addition to expert financial guidance Labinsky Financial offers

  • honesty and trustworthiness
  • integrity, dedication and professionalism in all our client interactions
  • independence from service providers to ensure we work for you
  • highly responsive first-rate service
  • open and honest communication.

Our mission is to empower our clients to gain greater control over their financial lives, reduce stress and increase peace of mind, while providing a secure financial future. We view each client relationship as a long term partnership and look forward to becoming your personal financial advocate. Your trust and confidence is our primary concern.


"A Financial Guide To Aliyah and Life In Israel"

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